365 #98 – Mimies

Punish me, let me down,
punish me, I let you down,
as I come near the end is here,
eternal darkness is mine,
I’m left to suffer,
this I accept,
punish me let me die,
punish me I live a lie,
Steel. Lead. Concrete. Fire,
which do I choose for my departure

Tonight I attended my daughter’s school show. She is part if the mime group, or as they call themselves “mimies”. If like me you thought mime was a quiet affair, invisible boxes and walls, then like me you are wrong. The energy put into the show is fantastic and their use of music is great. Not for the faint hearted and known to make young children cry, they put on a great and vibrant show. I hope they are proud of themselves, they have courage to do something different. Oh, the dark poem at the start? That was part of tonight’s show.

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